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How can we help?

Whether you are a fashion designer/influencer looking to launch your own brand or a mass-production clothing manufacturer in Turkey, we are here to help.

We collaborate with dozens of Turkish textile manufacturers who provide small-batch and large-scale manufacturing services to both independent designers and established brands.

The Textile Turkey team is ready to help, advise, and guide you on your journey. 

Contact us: sales@textileturkey.se

  • Business Partner Search

We assist you in locating a distributor, sales representative, supplier, or potential customer (s) in Turkey.

  • Back office / BPO Services

We handle administrative tasks such as prospecting, scheduling appointments, sending emails, translating brochures or other documentation, sending samples, and dealing with customs.

  • Market Research

On demand, we can conduct country and industry analyses to provide you with an accurate picture of the market in terms of language and diverse culture.

The main advantages of doing business with Turkey


Turkey is the gateway to the European countries’ markets. Short delivery times any where in EU.

Trade relations with EU

Has a customs union agreement with the Europian Union.

Highly developed industry

Highly developed industry capable of producing quality goods.

Skilled human resources

Turkey has highly skilled and educated human resources

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